Welcome to My.Future, staff! Here's how to get started.

Staff Dashboard

The Staff Dashboard WebApp provides easy My.Future management for CEOs, Unit Directors and Club Staff. Use it to approve members and projects, and to issue recognition. You can access it:

Via a website

Data Reporting Control Center

The Control Center provides detailed data and reporting for CEOs only. Use it when you need detailed reports about member participation, recognition or activity.

Access the My.Future Control Center using your BGCA.Net account. Note - Those who are not labeled as a "CEO" in BGCA.Net will receive an 'Unauthorized' or 'Error' message.


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  • Member Profile Creation  

  • Member Profile Detail  

  • Staff Dashboard Access and Approvals  

  • BGCA.Net Account Creation  

  • Help with your BGCA.Net Account  

  • Newark DE Case Study  

My.Future Programs

Computer Science

Computer Science provides you with a gateway to learn how to be a code ninja - a veritable hacker ready to make the next Facebook overnight. Can you take the Computer Science challenge to earn your very own CS Master Badge? Find out!

Computer Science Facilitator's Guide

Digital Literacy

Build foundational technology skills like online safety, typing, web search, media collaboration and gaming.

Digital Literacy Essentials Facilitator's Guide


Build your leadership skills with project based activities from the Youth of the Year Leadership Suite.

Leadership Development Program Guide

Lyricism 101

Lyricism 101 is designed to cultivate and amplify the powerful, formidable voices of Club teens.

Lyricism 101 Program Guide

Media Making

Create, edit and share your media projects in a digital design studio.

Media Making Facilitator's Guide

Positive Club Climate

Positive Club Climate is designed to help you become resilent.



Ultimate Journey

An Environmental Stewardship and Cultural Heritage Program

Visual Arts

Develop your skills as an artist with projects in color theory, composition, drawing, painting, mixed media and more.

Healthy Habits

Build your healthy eating skills.