How it Works



My.Future lets Boys & Girls Club members of all ages use computers, smartphones, and tablets to play, learn, and socialize. So it's a digital version of the stuff that makes Club great.

Here, members can share the great things they’ve made and amplify their voices. It takes the Club beyond its own walls! Whether they’re making lyrics, videos or apps, they’ll be able to share the things they create and connect with  their peers across the movement.

My.Future members can earn digital recognition, including stars and badges. Clubs can stream recognition and projects through Club Digital Signage, the digital version of a bulletin board.

Finally, Boys & Girls Club staff have secure access to data they can use for planning and reporting.


Club Members: Start exploring the programs on My.Future and find activities and projects that interest you! To create an account, upload things you create, and earn recognition on the platform, you'll need a staff person from your Club to activate your account.

Club Staff: Check out the Quick Start Guide on, which will walk you through the process of helping your members create accounts, approving their accounts, and engaging with your first My.Future activity!

Organization Leaders: To bring the My.Future digital experience to your Clubs, start by ensuring that the staff members who will be implementing My.Future have active accounts on BGCA.Net. This will allow them to download the Staff Dashboard App, approve members, and approve members' projects to be displayed on the platform.


A badge is a symbol or indicator of an accomplishment, competency, skill or quality. It's similar to the paper certificates one receives upon school graduation, participation in an event or successful completion of a course.

My.Future projects the opportunity for members to earn stars, which recognize when a member has completed a single activity, badges, which recognize when members have completed clusters of activities, and master badges, which recognize when members have accomplished something truly significant.

Badges can be issued through the Staff Dashboard App and through the Control Center