All The Feels

Bonus round

Emotions matter for all of us. For members, it is important to start learning how to identify how you feel and what to do with those emotions. How members feel at the Club affects learning, decision making, how they treat others and their well-being. Learning to recognize, understand, label, express and regulate emotions will help members have a great Club experience. These activities will help members learn the importance of their own emotions and those of others.

Complete any 2 activites to earn the All The Feels badge.

Mood Meter    

We all use emojis regularly. Why not use them to help you identify how you are feeling?

Your Best Self    

Everyone has unpleasant or negative emotions at times. This activity introduces a strategy you can use when you’re having negative emotions.

Understand Empathy    

In this activity we are going to talk about empathy.
Have you heard of the word empathy?

My Club Vision    

Are you doing the things that will make the Club environment feel positive? 

Amazing Positive Club Climate Projects