Bonus round

Learn how to plan, edit and shoot your own films.

Complete any 4 activites to earn the Filmmaker badge.

Video Roll Call    

Introduce yourself and your Club to the My.Future community with a video roll call!

Make a Mobile Movie    

Shoot and edit a short video.

How Do You...    

Show what you know in a how-to video.

Club Tour    

Record a silent video tour of your Club.

Say What?    

Make animals "talk."

Spoken Word    

Write a story or poem, then perform and record it.

Video Fast Forward    

Create a time-lapse video.

You Call the Shots    

Film using a variety of camera shots.

Going Green Screen    

Capture incredible footage of yourself in unlikely places.

Become a Documentarian    

Produce a film about a career that interests you.

Amazing Media Making Projects